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East Valley Eagles RFC RFC 

Proper body composition and the sequence of setting up the scrum. Watch closely on hand position wear to grip whom you grip or bind onto. Transition from first row, second row, flankers than #8. 

Forwards Position

Lineout Technique

SCRUM Cadence

Learn the why/responsibility of the Forwards known as the Tight Five or the Eight.  Know the forward position by numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8. This is one of the basic concepts we need to understand so that we all operate and speak the same language in reference to rugby and its Tactics. 

The  SCRUM  common mistake for beginners: if your binding must stay bound, if flanker or the eight man break off must retrieve/retire back 10 meters toward the backline if the ball yet to come out. 

There are different techniques to lifting and jumping, some coaches train their player to jump off the base of both feet close together or one foot base take off.  I believe it varies depending on the athleticism of the player and or set piece play that is called. 

SCRUM know when you're "OFF SIDE"

Referee Call  CROUCH-BIND-SET Sevens referee will make sure that the scrum is straight and square before calling "CROUCH", then call "BIND", Referee then makes sure that the props have proper binds on their opposite numbers (up high on the back or arm),  "Set"  (Invitation to engage).  All put ins by the scrum half #9 must be straight down the middle. When reviewing the video observe where the hands or placed on the bind and body composition low crouched bend at the knees.​

Setting Up the "SCRUM"

Game Play Principles: Scrum / Lineout