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Established with a passion to improve the lives of our youth.

East Valley Eagles RFC RFC 

Rugby Positions  Introduction of Rugby position and the responsibility of each position and technique.  Helps when observing and playing the game. 

Rugby Rules  Understanding Field positioning, penalties, obstruction and scoring.  Know the why in player reaction to relation on the field, rather it's offense to defensive play. 

Improved Conditioning , Flexibility & Range of Motion

Stretching is a critical part of any athletic routine. We know that.

Footwork and Ball Handling Skills 
We'll help our player apply proper footwork to his/her complete game. 

Improved Decision Making Abilities
Brain teasers and strategy are a part of any game, including Rugby.

Training content:

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We take our training off the field, too. Our new plyometric sessions help build core strength,  stabilizer muscles and endurance.



with coach WEBBER get the ultimate experience of playing the game


With 18 years of professional experience and 7 years of coaching. The East Valley Eagles, Coach Webber applies his personal history to his 1-1 sessions. Each includes:

  • Fundamental concept of safe tackling
  • Ball handling, passing - off- loading
  • Position - specific strategy
  • Securing the ball on contact, rucking  mauling skill and poaching.
  • Focus on teamwork offensive and defensive attacking strategy.
  • Personal mentoring, interpersonal skill and respect for the game and teammate.

Through Coach Webber's guidance and mentoring more of his athletes move on to play at the next level.