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 Question has been address often what should the forwards/be doing this video example is applied for all players. "Clean Out" Always protect and secure the ball, set the Gate, Cleanout, and Turtle!

 Forwards should always attack contested ball, looking from where the threats are coming from.

Removing Threats "Jackal/Poacher"

Game Play Principles: Removing Threats

Removing Threats "Body Roll"

Technique that is very effective at the opportune time when employed. 


Keep the Maul long and narrow to maximize driving force as a oppose to short and wide. The idea is to channel the ball back to the last offensive player. The ball can be handed back or shuffled backwards on the ground to the last man. Preferably handed back to the last offensive player! 

Understanding Why/How to Remove Threats

Eagles understanding the Why/How and when applying these techniques from any positional player on the pitch, is proven to be effective.  As a Team we increase our knowledge of the game we can minimize our mistakes and gain the advantage from our skill set. ​

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