Participants at all levels must register with USA Rugby and obtain a CIPP Registration Number. Log on to USA "Create 

Individual Membership" and follow the instructions. Must register under  East Valley Eagles  RFC, Non Contact Rookie Rugby Camp (Touch Rugby). The CIPP cost will be a total of $15.00 for Rookie Rugby and Touch or Tackle 

Registration is $70.00.

Rookie Rugby is Flag Rugby - Non Contact Coed Activity

We will be charging a minimal $25 fee for Rookie Rugby Camp that will go to the East Valley Eagles to help cover the costs of the fields and materials for the camp.

Rookie Rugby is the US brand of flag rugby. Rookie Rugby is a safe, non-contact, easy to play game for both boys and girls of all ages! It is played in schools, parks and recreation leagues, and community organizations across the country. The
rules are simple, the game is easy to learn, and minimal equipment is required.

Print your receipt  and provide it along with a copy of your CIPP ID to the Club Administrator.

Read and Execute the USA / Rugby Participation Agreement Waiver & Release of Liability. 

Please Register under East Valley Eagles Rookie Rugby (Touch Rugby) or Tackle Rugby. Indicate child's name.

*Youth Tackle Dues are $60.00 and Youth Non Contact Dues are $30.00 are necessary to cover the cost  post match functions practice/game field rental and referees and other relevant club cost.

Youth Touch



Youth Tackle or Non Contact Dues

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