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Established with a passion to improve the lives of our youth.

East Valley Eagles RFC RFC 

After reading together as parent & player if you are in agreement to terms of liability as stated above, please print, sign and prepare to bring to Coach Webber at your first practice.


Complete Registration

Waiver and Release of Liability

By signing this Contact Form the player (if the player is at least 18 years old) or a player’s parents/guardians (if the player is less than 18 years old) acknowledge that rugby is a fast paced sport involving vigorous contact among players, during both games and the preparation for games (together herein after referred to as “rugby”), and that inherent in rugby are risks of significant physical injury, even paralysis or death.  The player and the parents/guardians represent that they have read this release, understand its meaning, and, in order to participate in rugby, or have their minor children participate in rugby, voluntarily waive their own potential future claims.  In consideration for enjoying the benefits of rugby, or for allowing the minor children to enjoy those benefits, the player/parent/guardian hereby assume all risks associated with participation in rugby, and hereby waive in advance all of their own claims against  Rugby Arizona, the East Valley Rugby Football Club, sponsoring persons and organizations, coaches, officials, other players (on any team), their parents, and the persons owning or providing the space for rugby (herein after together referred to as “releasees”), and agree to hold harmless and indemnify the releasees regarding any claim belonging to the player (if at least 18 years) or to the parent (if the player is less than 18 years) premised upon any injury to a player, or to the parent/guardian, caused in whole or in part by any action or inaction by a releasee (including a release negligence), in connection with rugby, with travel to or from rugby, or with rugby-oriented social activities sponsored or hosted by a releasee.


                                                PARENT or GUARDIAN